YMCA for Best of the Best Non-Profit - But WHY?

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It's the title every Chattanooga area organization and business wants to achieve... Best of the Best in their category.  It's a status of excelling; of being THE very best; and of setting oneself apart from others - not to mention the bragging rights make for great marketing, right? 

Thanks to our members and supporters, the YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga has been a front-runner for a couple years now for Best of the Best in the Health Club category. While we very much appreciate the votes, and will continue to strive to be THE best in our offerings to members regarding fitness and healthy living, we want to ask you to vote a different way this year... and in the years to come.

Your vote in the Non-Profit category, however, helps the Y be recognized as a community leader and a community changer- not for bragging rights, but because we want to empower people to be strong not just individually and physically, but strong collectively in spirit and in mission. Quite simply, we believe doing good works is just the right thing to do. 

It's challenging to paint a picture of EVERYTHING the Y does for members and the community on a daily/monthly/yearly basis. Yes, our focus is very much Healthy Living by way of our programs inside our facility walls, but it's also equally Youth Development... and equally Social Responsibility. You see, our endeavors reflect all three. 

Every day while thousands of members are using our facilities, engaged in our programs, swimming in our pools, utilizing camps, Parents Night Out, etc., the Y is strengthening the community in so many ways that may go unnoticed. 

Did you know: 

  • We are on track to pack 800,000 HEALTHY meals this year at countless feeding sites across Chattanooga and surrounding areas
  • While other businesses turn away individuals and families because of inability to pay for services, the Y says, "You are welcome here," and offers financial assistance
  • Our Backpack Blessings program out of our North Georgia Community YMCA packs thousands of meals that are delivered to area schools and then into the small hands of school-aged children who may not have access to healthy meals over the weekend. 
  • YMCA Y-CAP is growing by leaps and bounds and making lasting and positive change in the lives of so many youth who are at risk of going down a different path... until they reach the Y. 
  • We aren't just providing these outreach programs on our own in a silo... we're partnering with other community non-profits who share our desire for a better community. A better future. And a better us. 
  • The Y's Restore Ministries Program is giving individuals a support system for a variety of life's struggles

For these and so many other reasons, we ask you to show your support for the YMCA by voting us Best of the Best Non-Profit... because after all, that is what we are. 

Now through July 5, you can show your support by acknowledging the work we do is so far outside the scope of physical "health." You can place your vote by following the instructions below. Your vote matters and the Y thanks you in advance for your support. 

 1. Go to www.bestofchatt.com
2.  Click on "Vote Now" and then click "People"
3. Scroll to find the "Non-Profit" category and vote "YMCA Metropolitan Chattanooga." 

best banner2.jpg