No More Slippery New Year's Resolutions: Make This One STICK!


Another New Year means another chance for many of us to set (or break) resolutions... whether it's to lose weight, eat healthy, volunteer more, schedule more time for self and/or family, start a new hobby, save money, etc. Whether you are the type of person to go all in with resolutions or just contemplate small changes, does it ever feel like over time New Year's resolutions become a bit of a joke (In fact, many of us may have already broken our resolutions!)?  With more than half of resolutions failing, where are we going wrong? See if any of these reasons fit your situation... 

  • We want big results without big efforts. 
  • We set our eyes on unrealistic goals.
  • We are creatures of habit... and we like it that way. We are hesitant to change. 
  • It just got hard, so I thought; 'What's the point?'

What if you changed your strategy and prepared for THIS year's resolution to stick. Check out these tips. 

Pick the right resolution

And make it be one that REALLY matters to you.  A resolution may could be wrong for YOU if: 

  • It's something you tell yourself you need to do based on what someone else (or the world) tells you to change. 
  • It's too general (Is it really realistic that you'll NEVER eat anything in a box or bag and you'll lose 80 pounds in 4 weeks?  Or would it be better to be more specific with a goal... "For 30 days, I won't eat _____..." OR "My goal is to eat more green veggies..." OR "I will begin moderate exercise for 20 minutes 4 days a week...").
  • You aren't prepared and there's no plan to execute your goal (Great, so you are going to save for a new car or a better vacation. Have you done your homework and prepared a budget? Or researched what you may have to give up in order to reach that goal?)

Be prepared to stumble. 

Starting any new thing can be a challenge. We want to be successful, but after falling off the band wagon a time or two, sometimes we just toss the towel in and give up! We are harder on ourselves than on others! NO ONE is perfect, and neither will our journey to achieve our goal(s) be. 

  • Small progress is still progress! It doesn't have to be all or nothing. 
  • Allow yourself to stumble. Then love yourself and get back up.
  • Yes, be positive, but also realistic. We fail in life all the time. Mistakes happen. This is realistic. expect it to happen, keep a positive frame of mind when it does, and then get back in the game.
  • Life gets in the way. How many times have we all started some endeavor (New Year or not) with the greatest of intentions, but life just gets in the way. Kids, work, stress, sleep, co-workers, money... the list could go on. Be FLEXIBLE when life gets in the way. 

Identify those who support you. 

  • We tend to be on better behavior when we know someone is watching and will hold us accountable! In this case, lean on your friends, family or co-workers who want to see you succeed and will hold you accountable for the goal(s) you set. 

Finally, chances are, if you've set a goal for health, diet, exercise, more family time, money management, or even to set some new spiritual goals -- the Y can help you with those efforts! Furthermore, we want to be the community that supports you to become a better YOU - because in doing that, we become a better US. When in doubt, visit your branch and share your goal or resolution and ask what resources are available to you. You might just be surprised...