'Y' Blog

We live in a digital day and age. More than half of the world has a smart phone, and more than half of ALL web traffic comes from mobile devices! Social media has transformed our digital lives. You can catch up on anything and anyone under the sun via Facebook, Internet, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It’s almost sensory overload, isn’t it? But these vehicles can-- and do-- serve invaluable purposes in engaging groups of people and keeping them“in the know." The YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga agrees.

Yes, you can check our website, Facebook, or other social media platforms to find out what we are up to. So ‘WHY’ does the Y need a blog? Several reasons, actually:

  • Much like all our lives, the YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga moves full throttle 365 days a year. There’s so much we are doing! We want to share it all with our members and community, but understand the need to share it on multiple platforms and via several ways and perspectives

  • The "What's in it for me?" card - Whether we admit or not, our minds gravitate to what's in it for us. What's the benefit to me? What do I get out of it?  While we certainly will blog about topics that will directly benefit you individually (your health, tips, membership, your children, incentives, etc.), we will also elaborate and encourage you to think outside the "me" mindset from time to time. Yes, the YMCA is in the business of benefiting you, but equally, if not more importantly, we are also in the business of benefiting the community. 

  • Community Outreach/Social Responsibility – Feeding Programs, Youth Development, Tutoring, Backpack Blessings, Youth Trust, After school Programs, Community Support Campaign, etc. Where there’s a need in the greater Chattanooga/Cleveland/North Georgia area, the YMCA is striving to meet it. There's value in you hearing stories of impact and ways we utilize membership dollars and Community Support Campaign money to further the Y's cause. 

  • Healthy Living – At any given time, there are countless programs/opportunities to better your overall health. It’s hard to keep up with them all and sometimes it may feel hard to find the perfect fit for you. We can help educate you on next steps and point you to staff who can guide you along the way! 

  • Youth Development – Building strong, confident kids is at the heart of what we do. Through programs like Summer Day Camp, Preschool, Childwatch, Youth Sports, YMCA Camp Ocoee, YMCA Y-CAP, BOLD/GOLD, and others, we are leaving a lasting ripple in the lives of children. 

So, to sum up the question of WHY a Y blog… We want this space to be valuable open forum for us to discuss some of our endeavors and helpful programs/information for YOU. At the same time, we want to share stories and voices that may activate you to engage socially with others, or directly through volunteering or giving to the YMCA. Topics will change. Authors and voices will change. You’ll become more familiar with the hands and feet behind the scenes and know us better. You'll also get greater explanation into some of our programs, which may help you find the best fit for you at the YMCA. In doing so, you’ll be helping us better serve you -- and the community.

- Cara Standifer

Marketing Director, YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga